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Bulletproof Backpacks 


Talos Ballistic Bulletproof Backpacks rate at the NIJ IIIA ballistic protection level.  This protecting rating is generally the highest-level protection given to soft body armor. Panels with this rating also supply the best blunt trauma protection. The NIJ IIIA rating is believed to be the best choice for very high-risk situations. It will protect the wearer from many unsuspected unusual and unusual threats. The panels in these backpacks are flexible, discrete, and light.  They are designed so you can easily use as an everyday safety precaution.

Talos Ballistics offers you a number of backpack styles to choose from.  This variety makes it easy to select the one that best fits you lifestyle and needs.  No one ever wants to think about being in a situation where you are susceptible to gunfire, however, if you are, Talos Ballistics backpacks can help keep you or a loved one safe.


This bulletproof backpack looks like any regular backpack but has a bulletproof panel constructed of Kevlar XP, sewn in and integrated right into the pack.  Many parents feel these are ideal because the child cannot remove the panel leaving them unprotected. 


This type of backpack has a panel, insert, shield or possibly a plate placed into the backpack itself.  This allows you the option of easily taking the panel out.  You can than place it in any other bag, briefcase or travel pack you might own. Depending on which type of ballistics panel you choose to use, it gives the wearer different levels of protection, and is also considered a great choice.


These backpacks have a tendency to look more like the military style design you see on serious hikers and soldiers. Tactical Backpacks are built to withstand rugged terrain and abuse. They also provide an assortment of pockets, attachments, which supply ample storage and options to safely & securely carry your essential gear.