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Talos Ballistics’ Bulletproof Clothing, Tactical Vests, Bulletproof Backpacks, Covert Body Armor, and Custom Bulletproof Solutions are built in the USA


Bulletproof clothing, bulletproof vest

Talos Ballistics is committed to providing the latest in NIJ IIIA bulletproof clothing, bulletproof backpacksbulletproof inserts and panelsbulletproof vest, covert body armor, tactical gear and custom NIJ IIIA bulletproof solutions for people and animals in need of unfaltering personal protection. The Talos Ballistics team specializes in custom protective clothing and continuously work to bring forward innovative NIJ IIIA bullet-resistant protective gear for both the professional and public sector.  With over 30 years of experience in the law enforcement and government markets, we are committed to providing the newest ballistics available while concentrating on the individual wearer to ensure an ideal level of concealable, comfortable protection that meets the current NIJ IIIA standards.  We take pride in providing the latest in ballistics solutions for people and animals that require reliable bullet resistant protection.

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